Intro Swell

And so for the first two years, our focus was just growing the group, making sure that the group grows, making sure that the group engages. There's a lot of really good conversations in that group. That's still our focus. Our focus is still engagement conversations that help. Right? We go live in there and do marketing tips, what's working for our clients, what's working for us and all that good stuff. Yeah


Gordon Duncan
@gordonduncan · 0:11


I am so excited that you're both on Swell, and I appreciate the shout out so much. I look forward to hearing what you guys create here
Shenz & Vanessa
@MMCollective · 0:25


You. Hey, Gordon, thanks for dropping by. And that was yeah, you really inspired us to move this further into something else. And we would love to invite you over to have a mini interview. So in that way, we can go ahead and collaborate and bring in some more fresh and share content ideas when it comes to marketing. Thank you so much