If you could live out the life of one character in the Harry Potter series who would you pick and why ?

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well and having a great day. So I was rewatching Harry Potter series and I became a bit emotional because Harry Potter series is very special for me. There has never been any other movie or movie series that has sent me on such an emotional roller coaster. This series truly fills the empty spots in my life and maybe even replaces once I got attached to so many characters, even the misunderstood

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Khushi Garg
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RON or Hermione

This 15th April and I have been so excited about it. I've been waiting for that movie since ages and I cannot keep my excitement now. So getting back to your question, if if if if if if you could live out the characters from Harry Potter, who would it be? First of all, I thought of saying Harry Potter, but then his life was really tough and there was a lot of excitement in it and I don't want that much amount in my own life


Now I'm going to watch that. And to be honest, I like life, life, life of one character in the series. But if I have to choose one whose life I could live. And so I would choose Hermione because Hermione is one of the best written characters in the whole series. And she's empowering, I mean, at least for me. And she helped save Bugbeek and Serious with the Time Turner. She helped Harry with the Dragon in his first task
Jonathan Gossett
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And she has a love for Harry, and she's always like Harry, and then she's kind of traveling to the other siblings of the weekly family. But ideally I would love to be Hermione because she is simply the one that holds the three trio together. Without her, they would definitely they would definitely be lost with a lot of things
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I feel like they kind of have to sacrifice a lot and I feel like Newt him being older and his timeline being a little earlier than Harry Potter, I feel like he doesn't have to deal with those struggles. So I feel like in the Fantastic Beasts movies, his story so far has been pretty easy and I feel like his life is really interesting. So I think that's really cool. So I would definitely choose Newt
Khushi Garg
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Watch thee 2nd part!!! @MitsuhaMiyamizu

Oh, that happens. Even one of my other friends also forgot about the existence of other Fantastic Beasts movies and she has watched only one first part. So do watch them and do tell me if you like them or not. I also created a separate post on as well about the Fantastic B series. You can reply in that too, but I'll invite you on that one. And yes, I completely agree about the Hermione point of view. She is an amazing character and I do love her

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Hi Khushi, thank you so much for recommending this and you know powerful installment in the fantastic beach franchise. Since it is just the beginning of the series, we should not expect everything, but still it does make Mark on the franchise and performance by the Jude law Joni Depp and are just audience possible visuals make it easier. Second best in regarding series