Mitchell Ross
@mitchyro99 · 1:40

Go Lions

It was another great day in the Motor City as my Detroit Lions finished off the season. 313 and one ending the season in the last six games, undefeated at home in their last three games. And most teams that only won three games have a lot of issues, have a lot of character issues, have a lot of coaching staff going in and out, but not these Lions
Jared Bogda
@JCB07 · 0:35
Hey, it's always great to have a team that you really support and that you really get behind through the difficult times and through the best of times. And I think that that kind of speaks to your experience with the alliance for an next year. So I think that you end the season on a positive note. And you know that there's upside for next year. And I think it's really strong to have a really important fan base because that's really who they are playing for