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Mitchell Ross

 · 12mo ago · 1:38
Gambling (responsible) trip!

"…Some College basketball players will come in later. I've been keeping good track in the NBA. I'm super excited for the Nuggets tomorrow and what my dad is considers the best team to bet against plays tomorrow. And that's the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Betty over in that game. Betty over for the other team's points. Kansas State can score the ball. Nebraska can't defend. I'll be back on later today and tomorrow. Get more picks, but got your horse picks too.…"

Jared Bogda

 · 12mo ago · 0:45

"…Seems like a really cool way to kind of compete with some other people too, but then also make some money as well. So just curious to see what your strategy is with regards to moving money and continuing and betting up, I guess.…"

Mitchell Ross

 · 12mo ago · 0:22

"…I have an app on my phone that lets me keep track of my bets in the sports book. But casino wise, I do not, so I have to just keep track of my phone or in my notes app or something. But yes, money management is key to this trip, which I've already failed the first day.…"

Mitchell Ross

 · 11mo ago · 0:17

"…The underdogs have been cooking all weekend and they're born to two at one outright. And I really like Old Dominion today. They're a red hot team, playing good and Tulsa, I don't think they have the motivation to play some All Dominion plus nine and a half money, like.…"

Old Dominion