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Mitchell Ross

 · 1yr ago · 3:40
NCAA Picks. No 🔒’s. Need your thoughts!

"…I have to be on Texas State plus 21 and a half to get some revenge on this team. And honestly, I don't think this team could beat Kansas even if they tried. I think two Lane football is terrible. Their defense is a liability. They don't have enough players on that field or defense at depth. They get gas going in the third and fourth quarter. I've watched them enough.…"


phil spade

 · 1yr ago · 2:48

"…Now I know they've got to be wishing that they could flip flop that the Michigan Michigan State game. So onto that game. I've been listening to what everybody has to say. There's a lot of stuff that I really agree with. I think it's who runs the ball better on offense, and Conversely, who stops the run on defense is really going to be the key to this game. There's another one that I think just might come down to turnovers.…"

Mitchell Ross

 · 1yr ago · 0:56

"…High scoring. I don't see it happening. If it's high scoring, I like State chances a lot.…"

Swell Team

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Tony Mosesso

 · 1yr ago · 0:41

"…The team has not shown any sort of sustained resilience throughout the year, and Pit just keeps getting better, frankly, ever since Phil said he wasn't going to bet on them the rest of the year, they're just improving, not nine points. I don't love going over a touchdown with a team like Pitt, but I think this game probably warrants it. And I think Pitt is going to cover that football game.…"

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