Mitchell Ross
@mitchyro99 · 2:46

A sad day in east lansing

There was a tough day in East Lansing yesterday for me and my Michigan Wolverines. They played their a**** off. They fought to the finish, but they let it slip away. And Michigan had a ton of opportunities to put this game away. Up ten. Nothing up 30 to 14. But you can't kick field goals. You need to score touchdowns. That's how it's always been. That's how it is. You can't always rely on your defense
Tony Mosesso
@tonymo · 0:29
Mitch. I'm not gonna lie. I stayed off of here intentionally so as to not rub it in your face too soon. I'm glad you've had time to sit with this. I'm glad you've had time to process this. I understand you're probably a little bit tuckered out after such a long weekend. Go green, baby, go green