Mitansh Shah
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The safest car in the world

The year was 1958, when a Swedish automobile engineer designed a unique seat belt, naming it as three point seat belt. And it was so efficient than the previous one that the same technology is still being used in every vehicle around the world. The older version you might see in the airplanes, which is still being used in the airplanes, but the newer version is in all passengers as well as commercial vehicles


Jared Bogda
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Cars are really cool. I've always been a big fan of how they work and how they seem to get us around places. I know a lot of people like public transportation, whether it be trains or or buses or anything like that. But I think it's really fun to have control of something and being able to make a decision when you want to go somewhere and do something and drop of a dime
Vasu Jain
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Hi Mathange. First of all, great spell and sorry to bargain on your parade, but I actually know what they did. So as far as I know, they canceled, filled their patents and hence why every other car in the world has the same three point seat belt because I know for a fact that the American cars, Jared, like almost all the cars up until that point had two point seatbelt, like only covering the waste