Mitansh Shah
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Becoming Warren Buffett

Hey, guys, this is Mitansh Shah from Sybba, and I welcome you to my cast here. I speak about my College life at NMIMS Mumbai. Even before I joined this Institute. The story continues. I was so much interested and intrigued by the world of finance and financial markets. To be specific that I would end up reading at least two newspapers every day. And to be honest, they were economic times and meant well


07 Ananya Jain
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I think now I also have to start reading newspapers to
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Wow 2 newspapers!!

First of all, I'd like to commend you for taking out the time to read two old newspapers each and every single day. It's a momentous task, even to read one column. And Secondly, I would like to say that. But I think the whole reading eight newspapers sound a bit excessive on one bucket part. And I think that it's pretty exaggerated in the media too. So look out for that. And I think two newspapers is more than enough