Question to ask in ur next flight! Money cant buy u class #Debatethis #swellsunday #etiquette #parenting #public #swell #storytime #cabincrew #flights

You. Hello. Good morning everyone. Today I am going to request you guys to ask your flight attendant the next time you are flying to any city or a country. I'm sure a lot of people nowadays fly internally domestic clay for work. And the next time when you aboard a flight, when the cabin crew is serving you or whenever you get a chance to talk to her or him, you should really ask what are their qualifications? Or what did they previously do?

Question to ask your cabincrew! People & Etiquette #swell #relationships #storytime #manners #children #debaterthis #etiquette #flights #aviation #cre

Riddhi Miistry
@miistrygirl · 3:10

People need to start being considerate enough #aviation #cabincrewlife #public #storytime #lifejournal #swellsunday #debatethis #parenting #experience

I would like to end the topic by saying that people need to start treating others equally or at least respectfully for the sake of you looking like a good person in public. Because it's really going to only help you, your image, and it might even save you from doing blunders
Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 0:54
Hello? Whatever you said, I truly agree with all your points. And I feel with change in things and with change in situations, people are becoming such that they CRE unable to understand the importance of things. They are unable to deal with certain things and they are feeling or they are becoming more and more egoistic. And egoistic is not the perfect word. I guess there should be something else. And I feel we need to work out on these things