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Princess Diana, The Crown

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"…I've just started watching The Crown, as I'm sure many people are. And I have to say, I'm so impressed with the actress that's playing Princess Diana, she like, I'm just is empathizing with her character almost instantly. And she's also got all the mannerisms down. It's really good work. I'm also enjoying the series generally. And they're you think about it.…"

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Dewuan .

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"…I was just about to make a swell on the topic of this show, and you sound like you you're from the UK. So what do you think about the show as a whole? And have you watched a bunch of reinterpretations and reenactments of the Queen Elizabeth and the other fun bunch? I think they kind of go about an interesting way of ironing over their imperialistic mindset and how they were kind of like colonizing nation.…"

I don’t know about this show..


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