Are you an impulsive fast decision maker or a more methodical slow decision maker?

Had a quick poll for you. Swellers. Are you a think it through decision maker believing that if you don't think it all the way through and in multiple different viewpoints, then you are ill prepared to make that decision. Or are you an impulsive opportunist that makes decisions very quickly based off of a gut is instinct, or does it depend on the situation whether it's a big decision decision or a small decision? Where are you at in that scale?

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Many thoughts, many thoughts. 🤔🤪

And if it comes to deciding something else, definitely whether it's a bigger purchase item, whether it's to have a discussion about something in particular with someone I want to say, not a hamster wheel, but you know, those hamster or balls, it's not necessarily in one direction, and they can run all over the place. That's my brain making a decision
Georgie Dee
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So it just depends on not just the size importance of the decision, but me and how I'm feeling in that moment. Yeah. Totally unpredictable. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend. It's okay. I like it that way. A great question
Georgie Dee
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Addendum, I think what's more interesting is if we give examples seeking plumb gave one. I didn't. I was from this, and I'm interested in your decisions. Examples from your life. I'll give you an example when I decided to change jobs recently. I think it was a cumulative thinking process of watching the economy and making a measured assessment of what would be good for my future, which is something I don't like to think about in great detail
Meranda Troutt
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Hi, Georgie D from the States, Missouri. It is 514 PM on a Monday. I'm cooking supper and tasting like I always do whenever I make these swells and apply back to these Wells. So personally, I find myself to be pretty lucky, as in I'm the type of person that big decisions overwhelmed me, so I tend to make them pretty quickly and pretty impulsively. However, I have been pretty lucky in those situations
Georgie Dee
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Ok it's 25 years 😅

I had a dream the other night that I was out and about with friends, and I was wearing an outfit, and I looked down at my shoes and I saw a pair of shoes that I owned when I was 26, and I had completely forgotten about those shoes, and they were in great detail. They were black strappy wedge sandals with red roses embroidered on them. And in the dream, I was looking at the shoes thinking, oh, my goodness, I miss these shoes
Meranda Troutt
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No, no, no. I love the indepth thinking. I have been looking into executive function and selfregulation and things of that nature here lately, and it's so far it's really interesting have a bunch of interests, and it's hard to keep up with all the and it's hard to actually actively pursue one because I'm usually bouncing back and forth between a bunch. My brain is kind of like that hang hamster wheel
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Welcome to Swell!

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Your Brain having play time at your expense

You take a holiday and you take your time to think about it. I know it probably doesn't feel like a holiday because it sounds like a bit of a painful process, but it's almost like your brain rebelling and saying, no, you know what? Let's just take our time here because we work so hard on the other things. When you're not even watching Mercury, you're not even watching how hard I'm working for you little old brain
Meranda Troutt
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So it's something that I'm trying to work a little more is my doing brain, because once I get going, I'm a very good multitasker. But the problem is the analysis paralysis is like I'm exhausted from constantly thinking about the situation and revising my thoughts. So my task initiation and my follow through are very poor, and that's something that I find very important in the growth process, which is a pretty big part of my life
Georgie Dee
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Some strategies maybe

But if somebody sits me down at a desk with a piece of paper and a paintbrush and some paint and puts that paintbrush in my hand and dips it into a color for me and then makes me touch the paper. Boom, I'm off. Right. So the difference is I have to make myself do that. There's no person making me do that. So I have to force myself to do that when it comes to my workplace. It's very similar
Meranda Troutt
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Strategies. I love strategies. So I've said this here before somewhere on Swell. It was a while back ago, and since you're throwing out strategies, I thought I would throw out my own for decision making. So for those people, please, users out there, it's just for you. For me, I'm a people, pleaser. One thing that has helped me is telling myself somebody else is asking me to do this, so I have to get the laundry done right
Meranda Troutt
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Oh, and this is great exercise tips, by the way, too, especially if you live in a two story house like I do
Meranda Troutt
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Oh, and I am 24, so that answers your age question
Georgie Dee
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I'm the same as you are living in a two storey house. So having to go up and down all the time is fantastic. But I have to make exercise part of my day, like, it's got to have a purpose. So I walk to work a lot. People are really shocked. They're like, how far did you walk to get here today? But going to a gym? Forget about it. Dance class. Yeah, I've done lots of those
Dewuan .
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And it's a lot of cool people that actually have stuff to say Besides small talk. So yes, I feel like I'm over speaking now, but yeah, I can be impulsive, and I think I am good at it at times, but I'm always an overthinker first and foremost that has caused relationship issues in my life with women in particular, where I can overthink things that don't exist. Now that's another thing. It's what we call paranoia