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Indigenous usa

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Just saw a link in Popular Mechanics about different Indigenous Peoples, tribes in the United States of America. And very interesting like to start somewhat of a conversation on this actually. So take a read if you will. It's pretty interesting, I think


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Great swell topic! Thank you.

That is quite fascinating. Harrowing and sad. I'm glad someone is doing this and mapping these areas out. And, you know, my question would be what now, ultimately, it's just we I say collectively because as Americans, as you know, Canadians, when we came to this land years and years and years ago, we stole the Indigenous people's land, their properties. And this is unfortunately, the state of being. So I really admire this project and I love it
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this "what now" query is good and about going forward.

Thank you very much for your answer. Your reply to that. I mean, that was really brilliant. I actually should have thought of some of those things because that sums up the whole idea. I mean, the match is fascinating to me now, too. And it was interesting now that I look at it more it's fascinating. But the questions you pose are certainly more academic and yet a value commonly to all of us. So I want to thank you. What now?
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