Mark Francis Rahaman
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Natural High

Music. Saturday morning, got myself a coffee, could hear the music, man, the music is on. And you know what? I've got a few different ways of listening to music. Headphones, bluetooth speakers. And then there's the stereo, the proper HiFi, separate, good speakers. And for me, music sounds different, feels different when you're listening through something that moves you, that makes you go cold or warm or makes you feel something

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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:09


Music. Hey, Mark, I fully agree with you. Having music through a good system changes how you appreciate it. I personally hate listening to music. Great phones. I only use headphones when I'm traveling and have to. Otherwise at home, I'd much rather listen in a nice speaker system and just have the music around you. So with your map good speaker system, something that just fills the space with music is so much better. Yeah
Mark Francis Rahaman
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They sound okay, but you're missing a whole lot of depth and clarity and just things that make you feel something. Bluetooth speakers don't really do that. Yeah, man, and I love the choice of music there. Man. Very Californian