SHOULD ALL BANDS BREAK UP? (Songbird podcast season 2: the legend of spitball

And the first season was all about my album. Martin Ruby is the band name, and Heaven Get Behind Me is the album. But season two, I decided to go way back in time, and I used to play in this pretty amazing surf punk band in downtown New York in the Nineties. And we were called Spitball. Joey Ramone was in the audience when we played at CBGB. We were really quite the thing, but somehow we ended up breaking up before we got signed

Jessica McMillan
@JLMcMillan · 2:01

Hey, Marco, thank you for linking me in. I've just signed up for the podcast. I will squeeze it in as soon as possible. Anything with a Crow on the main picture is akin to my my heart. And so is surf. So I had heard you already mentioned that you were in a surf rock band. You didn't mention the name. Now I have the name. I will check it out. I have studiously been looking at surf rock
Marco North
@Marconorth · 1:19


I'm really looking forward to your take on all this. And, you know, I think the big thing about surf is that we were a surf band before Pub Fiction, before Tarantino kind of cashed in on the cool of it. And when we were, I think it was like 93 when we started. I'm a little lazy saying surf was cool, was really out of left field