IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPAT/ The secret in every tree

The thought of her in our apartment, the dog that could have been millions of miles away, even though it was just hundreds and they were already from another life, an old skin to shed all the same. The wood chopping turned brutal, and I found myself staring at an old tree across the road. The axe was put down and I looked both ways

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:05

Going to hug a tree

And it makes me think about just how connected we really are, especially the trees and dependent we are on them, and they breathe and we breathe. And I think I might have to go out and hug a tree today. So there I am here in Los Angeles, very far from where you are. And I might hug a tree. And maybe the net work beneath the Earth. They all connect and feel the hug together. Thank you
Marco North
@Marconorth · 0:59


But there's something like a really big tree. It, for me, is sort of like, you know, that term trying to just wrap your arms around the whole situation. And it's kind of like being being bigger than the moment and being bigger than the situation. And all I can say is, you got to hug a really big tree to really get there. Good luck
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 1:23

Bare feet in the grass is my jam. @Marconorth

Hi, Marco. Thank you so much as always, for just sharing impressions of an expat, the secret pieces of your life. I saw this Monday, and I was like, Darn, I can't can't wait to listen. And I hope this sounds correct when I'm saying this. But you have such a succinct and beautiful, clear, crisp way of describing things, and particularly this one describing, like that pain of existing in a space with someone after you've decided it's over
Marco North
@Marconorth · 1:57


Hey, PK, nice to wake up to your thoughts. I was born in Brooklyn. There was five, but then I grew up on a farm. So to me, feet in the grass is childhood, which I think, is it's a little parallel to what you're saying? Yeah. There's nothing like that feeling. I really appreciate you reflecting back to me what hits you in this