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Manya Munjal
@manyamunjal · 2:34

Chidambram Temple | | Indian Culture | | Cover by Manya Munjal

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It sure is. Let me know about your comment on this via using the comments box I would wait it thank you so much and stay tuned for episode number three

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Rixit Midha
@R.I.X.I.T · 0:53
Hi Manya. Good morning. Your Kathalchar is here just to inform it was a very lovely information you shared with us. And I am feeling glad to listen this about Chidambaram temple from Tamil. And one more thing manya send loot to you. You are searching such unique topics for us to spread this information in all over world about our temples in India. So yeah, I'm feeling led and I'm waiting for part three. So just quickly post it. I'm waiting. Okay Tata. Bye
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Laxmi Dixit
@vicharnama · 1:29
Good afternoon mania myself, Lakshmi Dikshit I heard your post it's really amazing the information you give through your post. I didn't even heard about this temple before and its relationship with human body is really mind doing the way it's nine or entrances resembles nine orifices of human body and 72,000 sheets shows resemblance to 72,000 veins of human body really forces our mind to think how our ancestors know about these facts of human body so deeply really amazing
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