Apply what you preach!

And yet when we visit abroad, we are the ones who appreciate the cleanliness. So I really feel we should apply what we preach in our own lives. And I just don't know. I mean, it's been a constant phenomenon of us just blaming others and then others for doing the stuff which we actually also contribute to. I don't know. You guys can also share your opinion on this if you have faced such an issue. Thank you. Bye

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yashvi birla
@yashvibirla · 0:27
Well, I think when you talk about cleanliness, I definitely relate because I myself, have seen so many people who have heard so many people who appreciate the cleanliness in other countries saying that, Well, this country is so clean. The government takes so many steps to raise awareness about cleanliness. But in their own country, I've seen them litter throw garbage around without taking into consideration what they themselves literally just said about cleanliness
Chaitanya Aggarwal
@chaitanya · 0:25
Yeah, actually, this is completely true. And whenever you come back from a foreign land, so you always appreciate the loneliness. But no one here wants to implement those little things that make the difference of cleanliness in our country and foreign countries