Are ghosts real?

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Many believe that the spirits of the dead dwell among the living. It's probably the most popular paranormal belief ever, which has existed ever in the world. Yet there is still no scientific proof to prove that ghosts really exist. Of course, it's been a popular subject in movies, series, books, and shows. All teenage drama dramas have these vampires, witches and werewolves lurking around the shadows and they make it seem so fancy

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Professor Z
@Professor42 · 1:51
If you think of maybe ancient cultures or Native American cultures or just many cultures in general, there's always this theme or underlying idea of something out of this world or things that cannot be explained, rationally things that have happened long before Hollywood, if you will, or films. So these ideas had to come from somewhere now it could obviously be chalked up to quite the imagination from one person that spread to many different people and kind of spread out from there
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Avani Didwania
@avanididwania · 0:56
Okay. So a very direct answer to that would be it really depends on your belief. If you believe they exist and they exist in your world, and if you don't believe that they exist, then they don't exist in your world. So for me, I like to believe that they do. So that's also a reason why I feel scared of a lot of supernatural activities
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