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@Mansha28 · 0:55

Road rage

Hey, all. Welcome back. So road rage has become so common these days. The other day I was driving and there was this huge traffic jam on the road just because these two stupid people were fighting like cats and dogs on the road. Sure, you all must have experiences as well. And it seems we Indians pounce on the idea of fighting for anything

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khushi baheti
@Khushib · 0:22
I feel in India, it's extremely common. We see road rage almost everywhere. And personally, I do not have an experience because I do not know how to drive yet. But I feel like whenever I see such incidents, I tend to crack cup. So I think that's what I'm going to do. Something like that happens to me. I'm just going to laugh it off and I guess drive away
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yashvi birla
@yashvibirla · 0:30
I think about road rage in India. It's definitely a topic we're talking about. I mean, I recently started driving. I'm learning how to drive. And I remember seeing these two people on the road who were fighting with each other, abusing each other literally in the middle of the road road. And it was so irritating because those two weren't even listening to the traffic police officers who were trying to control the entire issue. They didn't pay any heed to it
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Shreya Raghuvanshi
@raghuvanshi · 0:33
Rotation is almost as common as brushing your teeth in the morning. And it's almost always funny, except one or two times when it takes an ugly turn and turns into a very disturbing site, someone gets severely injured. And I mean, even though we have, like, traffic police everywhere, I think that just shows that our traffic rules and police and system is inadequate. Definitely needs a lot of working
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Vansh Poddar
@Vansh1 · 0:19
So since living in India, I can delay it because people fight over the smallest things on the road. For example, this one time I was going and I saw two people fighting because the two side glasses of the car is just touched and the other guy passed by. So they started fighting just because of that
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Shubhra Jain
@shubhra_7777777 · 0:45
Road rage has been a major issue in India. Like, I have recently started driving. And whenever I take out my car, I always see two people like, there's always some kind of fight going on in the middle of the road and they're not listening to anybody and they're fighting on and on and on. It's actually very annoying because you have to drive past them or ask somebody to stop them so you can go
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sarvagya chawla
@sarvagya.123 · 0:20
The thing is, I don't know which one to share. Like it's. India. There are so many road rage experiences every day like this. You get on the street and you might see there's a group of people surrounding some two people who might have fallen or might have had a fight, like just crazy out there
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