The silver screen

Hey, all, welcome back to the news. Well, hope you all are doing well. So one thing that I really missed during COVID is the experience of going to cinema halls. I think that the last time I had gone to one was in January 2020. It's been a long time. Obviously, after that I had my board exams and could not go. And then the destiny struck. All of us covered has been in the place since then. I think so

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07 Ananya Jain
@Ananya · 0:08
I hope so too. Like I love watching movies especially in Cinema Hall. So I wish I could go to Cinemas now
Sidhant Kothriwal
@Sidhant_33 · 0:11
So true. Ott platforms can never replace the feel and joy of watching a movie in the cinema. Hope so they never close shut down again