This small experiment can rate your physical health.

Just with the help of your legs and your hips, you have to stand up. You don't have to use your hands for support. If you are able to do that, then you are physically fit, or then you have a good and healthy lifestyle. If you're not able to do that and if you require your hand for support to get up from the floor, then you have to change your lifestyle

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Pallavi Panda
@Pallavipp04 · 0:17
Hi Manalika. I hope I took your name in correctly and if not, then you can correct me. So the experiment which you shared in the audio is very interesting and different. I will definitely try this. And by the way, thanks for suggesting this
gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:41


Hi, Manalika. This is an amazing park that you have shared here. I also seen this scene, but I never tried it. So now you have tried it, it also seemed like, why shouldn't I? So I should go for it. I'm definitely going to try this and come up with these. You again to tell you how my experience went. And I'm saying thank you so much for coming up with such an amazing podcast. Talking about health, talking about fitness