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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 3:35

Love or toxicity?

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So she was very him to say she was begging and saying, oh please don't go, don't do this right now. I have my exams, I won't be able to focus and whatnot. And in the end, I think the boyfriend, I think, said something, I don't know. And the girl said, yes, I will do that for you, I will do anything for you, and all that

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Pragati Chopra
@Pragati.chopra · 3:18
Yes. Hi Manalika. Yes. We constantly hear this term toxic relationship these days. And it makes the person feel unloved, unsupported, trapped, controlled, misunderstood and it lowers our self esteem as well. And it is not cakewalk to just get out of such relationship. Everybody in their life have dealt with such a kind of relationship. But it's important to learn, heal from it and move on
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