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Journey towards freedom: The moment that changed my life.

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"…But after a few days I remember there was kind of a task, like a presentation and the professor asked us to be divided in a group of two. So when I first went to college, I had two of my friends. I made two friends, and they both decided to be each other's partner. So I das left alone. And at that point in time, I was completely heartbroken because even the simplest and even the smallest things used to make me cry and used to make me hurt.…"

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54_Mahak Bansal

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"…Hi, Manalika. First of all, I would really appreciate you for the step you took. And to be very honest yes. Same cheese and school maybe? Yes. It was like deadly friends all das. This also doesn't the same kind of person like you. I want someone to always travel with me. I can't travel alone, and even if I go to my friend's house, I need someone to leave me there.…"


gungun bansal

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"…Hi Manalika. I hope you're doing great and this is an amazing trip. I would say actually I have also posted about this topic or the topic concern to us. You know, I literally you know, those are your words actually was one mind though because I have eventually realized that when you get into college, you are actually becoming more independent. You are exploring the things the way you want them to respect the facts. What are you going to talk about it?…"


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Manalika Das

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"…I did not want to go to Metro alone because I knew I didn't want that. But after going to college, I realized that after that I started going via Metro and I usually check on my phone directions and then I realized it's not that difficult. And there are so many instances when people came up to me and asked me regarding a certain direction. I used to say, I'm sorry, I don't know about it. So it's very easy to confront someone.…"


Manalika Das

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"…Hi, Gun Gun. Thank you so much. Anya college has been like a stepping stone for me, where I became confident and I was not scared of doing anything like schoolmay. I used to obviously be judged. Like, I was scared that I will be judged by someone. And I used to get, you know, that judgy eyes, even if I used to even do the minimal things. I think school was really toxic for me, to be honest.…"


Raghav Katta

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"…So yeah, just waiting for it to come. That's it. It was great listening to you. Goodbye.…"


Manalika Das

@Manalika · 2mo ago · 1:14

"…I'm just manifesting that and I'm definitely manifesting that for you as well. That you go out there and you do parties and you just be independent.…"


Meera Gopalakrishnan

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"…And one of the girls in that group went to college and moved to my interview preparation, which I felt very bad and it was a bad taste also. So that day I decided I'm not going to be part of any happening group. Why shouldn't be part of a happening group? I shouldn't be part of a group or I should have friends who understand me, who knows what I want, with whom I can talk really, I don't want to be pretend, have something else.…"

See I agree to the fact that the moment you stop caring for what others think you become not just independent but also confident also. #gratitude

Manalika Das

@Manalika · 2mo ago · 1:56

"…You know, when somebody your friend circle tells you to do something, you tend to do that because you kind of feel pressurized and then you think that oh, I must do this or else they won't understand me or they won't hang out with me. And that is the point when you finally give up, right? And this happens to everyone, as you mentioned, crying. I think crying happens to everyone because everybody cries. There are certain ups and lows in our life.…"


Kavya N

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"…Hi, Melanica. What you have told is absolutely correct that according to me what I have seen that the word freedom is only for the theoretical process. Whereas we are looking to the practical way in some way or other it gets disappears, maybe due to the social construction or the norms. And others will make that freedom to remain in the theoretical way alone, as we, the girls, are always dependent on our father or later the two husband and son and all these.…"


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