Manalika Das

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Why did Ranveer Singh become a "NATIONAL ISSUE"?

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"…But just because a person does something out of the box, even though it has been done by several people out there, but you would just want to target that person and claim it as a national issue is completely wrong. I don't think that we see anything that has ruined my modesty or any other female modesty for some reason. Plus, if you are going to social media, be aware that these kind of photos are going to appear.…"

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Vrinda Goyal

@Itz_vrinda_dear · 2mo ago · 0:19

"…I personally don't like renewal's thing and his opinions about clothing and everything and his fashion icon for for feature weight. I mean, it's totally zero for me. It's.…"

Manalika Das

@Manalika · 2mo ago · 1:16

"…I mean he just clicked some bold photos and people started saying that he ruined the modesty of women or it's a national issue about his new photo shoot and stuff like that, which I think is too much stretched and it was not supposed to be seen in this manner. So yeah, obviously everybody has different point of view. Even I would agree that many times whatever he wears seems off. But I do appreciate the fact that he is able to pull it off very gracefully.…"


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