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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 4:35

Acne is normal

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Just apply aloe vera. Oh, you have acne. You don't drink water. Oh, you have acne. Maybe you are very unhygienic, but they don't understand. Acne can be caused through a lot of things. Like, there can be a lot of reasons for acne. It can be hormonal, it can be genetics. It can be due to poor diet or whatnot. It can be due to stress as well

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gungun bansal
@gungunbansal_ · 0:34
Yes. I really understand your anger. Because I've been also experiencing this. I believe I accept my acne. If there are acne, it will go by the time when I treat them. I am the one who's having them, not you. So it's none of your business, okay? You are not supposed to come on my face and tell me that you have an acne below your cheeks or somewhere you're not supposed to. Because I've been seeing the mirror
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