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Manalika Das
@Manalika · 4:54

Metro stories: A funny incident

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I do know I'm kind of being selfish by not helping others, but it's just my personality at that point in time and it's so hot I really cannot bear talking to anyone. So yeah, whenever I don't have my earphones plugged in, I definitely try to talk to others if they want something from me, if they want some help regarding a particular station

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Gogasusa Pathasarathi
@Gogasusa · 0:37


Hi. Hi, Manalika. It's. It's a very good story. I really like to hear a story. And I was so curious about your story. Like I was hearing, oh, my God. What is this? And you're, Royce is so sweet. Really good. Swell. Keep going. Okay. It's amazing. And I want to say, like, yeah, during traveling time, I do have so many experience. Sometimes the experience is really rude
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