Malik L.
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Wake Up World is Malik Boyd, host of Heart City TV. And this is the Heart City TV question of the day. Has the United States ever truly been United? If so, tell us why. If not, how do you believe that we can make it a reality

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Deborah Pardes
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Small / big

I think at one point we could say that there was a time when there was a flourish of ideology that helped shape this country. Maybe after the Civil War, maybe when we thought we were healing and we were going to have a country that was less divided. Watching the impeachment proceedings right now, I feel like there's still such a divide between the me and the we, and we're not a nation of we. If we were Kobe would be over
phil spade
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And I'm very optimistic that the younger generations will be coming up with more tolerance, more celebration and a lot of them. There's been more marriages of different races. And so you have kids of different heritages celebrating each one of those heritages and race just doesn't seem to be as big a deal to the younger generation. And I think that's healthy. And I think it's great. I really see the answer to this as being United headed is the younger generation