Malcolm Gordon
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Lake Balboa is one of my favorite local spots

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One of my favorite spots near where I live is Lake Balboa. If you don't know where it is, it's in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and it's basically this huge park. And there's there's a man made Lake there. And there's tons of Ducks and Swans. And there's all sorts of stuff at the park. There's an archery range, there's a golf course, there's an area where people fly model planes on the Lake

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grace pouri
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Glad you said this, because Lake Balboa, I feel like it's one of the most underrated places personally in the valley. I have a lot. I've been valley for 20 years and all my friends, nobody really appreciates Lake Baoa. Everyone wants to go there and I feel like it's so underrated and deserves more appreciation. I used to go every Sunday all of high school and it was the best time ever