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54_Mahak Bansal
@Mahakbansal2004 · 1:20

Ring Metro: Big news!

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With the operation of this ring metro, the journey of the passengers will become easier. So see, it will be ring metro and we guys will take a very much benefit of this. As soon as the construction of twelve point 55 kilometer majlis Park two Majpur corridor is completed in Metro phase four, the existing pink line majlie Spark to Go kalpur will become a ring metro with this east, north, south and west ind will be directly connected to this network

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Charvi Dhiran
@charvi24 · 1:57
Of course, it is a more cheaper and efficient way of metro. Instead of having various trains go through various destinations, you have one loop covering all of the stations. I feel this is quiet, the development in a country like India where cheaper and more efficient ways and more sustainable ways are quiet in demand and there is much scope for it
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