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54_Mahak Bansal
@Mahakbansal2004 · 2:24

The Kid In The Back Of The Class

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Hello guys. So how are you all? And today I'm back with a new topic. And again. So my poem is all about the kid in the back of the class. Yes. So here my poem goes like this. The kit disappointed and the kids laughed at the young man that sat in the back of the class. The one with the head down to conceal his lowest throne. The one whose face of confusion laid to the student's instruction him feeling miserable was the children's desire

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Disha Khandelwal
@dishakhandelwal · 0:17


Hi Meg. Hope you are doing good. And I think the poem you recited was very sweet and the way you, you know, recited it was worth listening. So thank you so much for posting and keep posting, postings well like this. Bye
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