Disney Updates for 2024

So if you purchase a ticket that has no date, um, right now they're still requiring theme park reservations, but if you have a ticket with a start date on it and it's after January 9, 2024, you will no longer need to make a park reservation. Second thing is, they are introducing good to go days for annual pass holders. There are going to be select days where annual pass holders will be able to visit the parks without needing a park reservation

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:55
Hey, Jennifer, thank you for the update here. I did not know a lot of this new info and I was curious if you know whether this applies to the Disneyland parks. I am a West Coaster, so that is my home base, so to speak. I haven't heard any of the ticketing updates that you went over or the reservation updates. I haven't heard that yet come out of our parks
Jennifer Jess
@MagicallyMadAdv · 0:56
Hi. Thank you so much for responding. From what I am reading, the changes are only going to go into effect for Disney World at this point. I know that the dining plan in Disneyland was nowhere near like it was in Disney World, so you can't really compare apples to apples there. But as of right now, only the Disney World Park is going to have these changes take place for 2024. But they're being pretty cautious about how they're rolling everything out