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Interview with a TikTok star @Ilovedocterpepper

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"…Hi. Swell. I'm here with Olivia Hayward, who just happens to be almost a breakthrough Tik Tok star. She goes through and somehow manages to captivate all the trends and all the dance crazes at the exact same time without being too obnoxious. So today, we're going to talk to Olivia about what it means to be able to navigate TikTok. Let's hear what she has to say.…"



Olivia Hayward

@ilovedrpepper · 7mo ago · 0:20

"…Hey, hey, hey. It's Olivier. No, I'm kidding. But for real though, y'all, it's Olivia Hayward. I am an upcoming rising TikTok star. I'm really excited to share this conversation with Maggiel you and get to give her a little bit insight on what's going on in TikTok right now. So let's get started.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Margaret Latenser

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"…Hey, Olivia. So happy for you to join me today. So first off, I want you to highlight your favorite trend on the app right now. What are you doing to get famous? And do you like doing it? Like do you actually like this trend or are you just doing it because it's popular? Just give us all the details.…"

Olivia Hayward

@ilovedrpepper · 7mo ago · 0:52

"…Yeah. So great question. My favorite trend on Tik Tok right now probably has to be the trend where you post a video and on it you write, I never got the birds and the bees talk, but I did get for example, my parents are getting a divorce, like something like that. My favorite. I usually like to do funny trends or dancing trends. I kind of go all around. So I have a very wide range of what I like to do.…"

Margaret Latenser

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"…Okay. I actually love that trend because some of those, like, little, like, Inside family things that people post are a little bit too relatable and they're honestly really entertaining. So I do like that one. I'm surprised you do dances and stuff. I can not get myself to dance in front of a camera. So do you enjoy that or you're just doing it because it's popular on TikTok. Just tell us all about it.…"

Olivia Hayward

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"…I honestly love love doing the dances. Honestly, if I like to see something on my for you page that has a catchy tune to it and the dance I can pick up quickly, I will literally like drag. He went off the street to do the dance with me. Just so like, I can have someone do it with. I love doing the dances with people. It's so funny to do it with friends too.…"

Margaret Latenser

@Maggiel6 · 7mo ago · 0:25

"…Okay lady giving me all this confidence. Should I go post? I don't know. I honestly probably will never because I can talk but definitely can't dance for the camera. So tell me what intrigues you about TikTok like why do you post on it as frequently as you do and why do you use it? Because I've never gotten the hang of it. And also give us your username and everything so everybody can follow you.…"

Olivia Hayward

@ilovedrpepper · 7mo ago · 0:59

"…I'm not going to lie, but I also really like, because there's funny stuff on it. There's dancing, there's how to Cook. There's so many different things you can do with the app that I really enjoy. But, yeah. So I think that's what really draws me in. And I just post whatever I want. Like, you can literally post anything. Sometimes it gets famous, sometimes it doesn't. It's just how it goes with the app.…"

Margaret Latenser

@Maggiel6 · 7mo ago · 0:19

"…Awesome. Well, I'm really, like, intrigued to hear about that because I'm just so awkward on TikTok. But I hope you feel the same way on Swell because there's so many of the same qualities. There, like post, literally, whatever you want. So I I hope you stick around. And thank you so much for being with us, Olivia.…"

barb wheeler

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"…Maggie and Olivia. Super cool to hear that interview. Interesting to hear everybody's thoughts and takes on Ticks Hawk and how you feel about it. Really awesome to hear all those things.…"


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