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madhushri iyengar
@maddie.i · 2:02

What is a startup?

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If you can't predict markets, consumer trends and supply chain challenges, how can you keep the business running? When should you scale and how fast should it happen? To scale or not to scale is a major hurdle for most startups and one that can cost them everything if they don't get it right. These and other four searching questions will give you a good idea of what you're lacking in terms of experience and education and provide the platform for learning in the near future

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Rizwan pathan
@mr_Khan · 0:29


Hi Madhushri I have listened to SVIL report. It is very nice it's a very good topic about startup in today. If you see today there are lot of number of startups are going in India. Wait so it's a a very good topic to cover and spread awareness about the a startups. It's very keep growing keep supporting keep sharing
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Prashant Kumar
@smileypkt · 0:55


This is a great forecast about startup and I believe that every child must know about how we build a startup, how we sustain a startup, and how we success or start up because we always grow with the job seeker mentality. Most of the children of India still. But I believe that we must grow with the mentality of job creators so that we can help our country and the Indian economy to thrive. And I am thankful that you have started this precious discussion about startup
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Manav Jain
@manav9876 · 1:31


Hey Madhushri, I totally agree with you that a startup is a very risky way. But we have to understand that to make uneven profits in life you have to take uneven decisions in life and do uneven things which are not done by people normally and why normal people are not doing it, because things are making. But if you don't take it, you will not
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