Loryn Dager-Gordon
@lustyloryn · 1:50

How do you like your coffee in the morning?

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We bought a scale, we bought a chemical, and now we're on this coffee subscription, and I feel like we can't even survive without our morning pour over. So this morning, I'll post a picture of the coffee that we're having today. But this morning, it's our anniversary. And all I can think about is drinking a cup of coffee with these almond croissants that are in the oven right now on our balcony and just hanging out
Mujer De 40
@Mujerde40 · 0:24
Hi. I see that your coffee for today is from Central America. So have you tried Guatemalan? It's a very good one as well. And I like my coffee like the usual way drip, you know, and a little bit strong, but I do like a little bit of milk on it. So enjoy