Loryn Dager-Gordon
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Time for a Debate: Mayo or Butter?

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Since the start of the pandemic, my husband and I have been really enjoying cooking more. And, you know, of course, all this typical pandemic stuff, the gardening and whatnot not. But as far as cooking goes, we have really leveled up over the last year, and I'm standing here about to make some grilled cheese sandwiches. And I know that a lot of restaurants use Mayo on the outside of their grilled cheese. And I always use butter

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Elliot Karlin
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Okay, before I even listen to you. And I love you. Mayo. Mayo is the answer. But I'll listen, and then I'll recompense
Elliot Karlin
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Okay. Now. After listening. Yep. Mail. Still mail
Tim Ereneta
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And I'm like, but the whole point I of me making grilled cheese sandwich at home is that I can eat something with a lot of butter. Why would I deprive myself of that