Loryn Dager-Gordon
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New Mom Ranting

article image placeholderRowan, the boy who wouldn’t nap.
He's not always going to refuse to nap, and we'll get through it, especially having such a good team. My husband and I just make a really great team and give each other breaks all the time. Anyway, that is my sleep deprived rant for today

Having a newborn is tough, yo.

Deborah Pardes
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And I have such respect for your ability to even talk into this app at this point in the day. So it's great to hear your voice and for you to share. And I'd love to have more parents and more people in your zone talking to kind of bond. And I appreciate your voice here, so keep on rant and baby, keep on hashtag rent in
Tim Ereneta
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Hang in there!

Hey, Lauren, I feel for you. I hear you hang in there. I think for me it's been 16 years since my youngest was that age and went through the nonapp days. I think both my kids did that. I remember with my first kid doing a lot of driving in the car because we found sometimes not always a long car ride would get Tim to nap. And we were always hoping that would do the trick. Didn't always work. But that was a strategy we tried