Loryn Dager-Gordon
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Hello, Swell!

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Hi. My name is Lauren, and this is my first well cast recording thing. I'm a new mom, and lately I have not had much of a life except for for taking care of my precious little Rowan. However, I just got other second COVID vaccine hashtag Pfizer gang, and I'm Super excited because I'm going to be able to get out more and do things lately, I've been basically researching all the things, baby, but now I finally get to do things for myself

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Roomi Tarik
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Hello, hello, hello!

Hello, Lauren. How are you? Yep. It's it's nice to know that everything is looking up. If you get vaccinated and there are more chances of you to actually just, you know, go through with the cycle of injury events and the things you have to do. I hope that you get back to your studio and your classes resume soon. So, yeah, from your mom life to dance life, I'm pretty sure you're going to get your break soon
Tim Ereneta
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Hey, Lauren, it's Tim. I just wanted to say welcome to Swell. Congratulations on being a new mom. Congratulations on getting your second vaccine. And I wish you well, as you get back to going outside and returning to your studio and dancing and going out and mixing it up with the world best deal