Laura Sydell
@LSydell · 1:17

Personal stories from Asian Americans

I've been thinking about the shooting in Atlanta and the enormous outpouring of anger and grief that it has has brought about. And I keep thinking how much the power of telling individual stories and experiences about what it's like to be of Asian descent in the United States in 2021

#antiasianbias, #storiesofantiasianbias

Indy Rishi Singh
@MysticScientist · 3:48

Why only Asians? #solidarity movement

So Unfortunately, I hope this isn't just another wave where people are like, okay, yeah, stop Asian violence. But then the actual cause of this, why is it happening to sick Americans? Why is it happening to Asian men? Why is it happening to black Americans? Why is it happening to poor white Americans? Right. We are seeing this consistent, oppressive, systemic issues, and we're not dealing with it at the root
Laura Sydell
@LSydell · 2:38

Can we create a sense of solitary as a tribal species?

It wasn't sort of at a moment where it got the kind of attention this particular shooting does. In the end, I really want to feel a sense of solidarity. I think violence against anyone is wrong, and I guess it's especially wrong, or it seems to be especially wrong somehow, if you do it simply because that person is black or that person is Chinese or Sikh. But it's all wrong. And I think hopefully we can get together on that