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For many, many years in my community, this has been an ongoing thing. You'll see certain names and understand that that name will call self limiting because the other person that may be hiring will immediately reject you without even trying to find out who you are. They may see the name Shanika Thomas, Leroy Johnson and think, oh, no, I don't want them working here. Is that really a thing? It is. You can see someone with Maria Rodriguez and think, no way

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It took a while for me to kind of figure out the name, and I can't remember thinking, d***, why is the name got to be like that? And it's because I'm privy to American culture where names are typical and banal, even, and Raven, Simone. It's very interesting how many just imposed on how a name should be pronounced right, even though that's not the pronunciation. There can be a lot of ignorance in that
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Part 1

And I was like, to hear from you someone who is German born and raised there and you have heard of my name before. Like, wow, I need to go apologize to my parents because I doubted them for so long and it's the reason why I named my son what his name is
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Part 2

But women's actually, the health system I left in 2021, they just hired their first male CNA for the women's hospital. They did a news article and everything this past weekend on it. So that's more of the judgment. And then the second one I've seen at different healthcare systems is if someone was pregnant, they kind of were like, she's going to start, we're going to train her, then she's going to be a maternity leave
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The first day of class, I'm raising my hand. She told me, can I give a pass to the guidance counselor? Because I don't want you to be my English teacher because you don't even know how to pronounce my name correctly and it's finally spell correct. Therefore, I don't see how you can teach me anything about English because you can't even pronounce my name correctly
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What's going on, love lady? Oh, it's Shagira Nikki. And this is a very interesting topic that you got going on here with name. Now, my daughter, when you see her name, everyone always Nunciated Coneyra and I always let them know the K is silent. It's just Naira. And you know, your name is very, very important to you because it is your identity is who you are and it's very unique to you and your personality and everything about you
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Hey, I want to see you. Can you call me? Coming back my cell phone number is four. My cell phone number is 710-712-4638. My name is Deborah. Coming back? Is there available?
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I was so mad my name wasn't Nicole or Lisa or just something more recognizable or identifiable. And I used to be so mad. And then one day it was just so amazing how many people, when they would say my name and they would be like, oh, or Elena. I love that. What is that? And I break it down. Swell. My dad is Orlando and my mom is Michelle. My name is Rochelle and my last name is Bana
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Juan. Yatta. I love it. JL, I'm glad that you get it, and I'm so glad that you, in telling that story about corporate America and how that woman at that time stood up and made that person say your name, I've had that happen. That almost very similar situation. I've had that happen. Sometimes you do feel like I just don't care. Shrug my shoulders is not that deep
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However, I don't know why it bothers me when someone does spell my name incorrectly that knows me. And I know this is different from my pronunciation because I do get jazz name still, and I don't really get to swell that way. I do correct it, but it is felt that way. And it's interesting because people spell Jazmin and all of these other ways, they don't get questions with the different spelling
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