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Do something new. Pick up a new hobby entirely. These four cars is saying that embrace change. Embrace it. Don't try to hold on to people who are trying to leave you. Don't try to hold on to people who no longer serve you. Embrace this switch in your circle. Embrace this change that's going on in your career. Cause something beautiful always come in the place of what you thought you have lost. Right?

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And so I was willing to close the gap and ring the alarm and say, no, we need to be different and this is what that's going to look like. Since then I have had amazing and I'm having amazing connections with people because it's from a pure, authentic and filled place. I'm honoring the God in me and being selfish about me and the God that's within me. And that is positively impacting everything else that I do
Lindsey Morrison
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Hi, London. Thank you for inviting me to this. I always love your reads. Very intuitive. Because you invited me to this and actually I am a big change where something has ended. My mother in law passed away two days ago. Sorry, the days are all running. Anyway, thank you. Bye. I just wanted to let you know that you're very intuitive and this is really hit home to me. Thank you
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You said if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't have a book, I wouldn't be able to speak to people. And I look at my situation the same way. No, I have not written a book as of yet, but I am able to speak to women who went through a narcissistic abuse before. I feel like God puts us in that position, so in that way, we can teach others that, hey, I went through it, I survived it. Excuse me
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Hey, thank you so much for even having the strength to say those few words. Those those few words that you drop gave me a sense of grief. You know, I already felt, and I already see that you're going through a lot. It's just recently that you went through a loss, and we all know that you can't get over something like that overnight. It's not an overnight thing. Sometimes it takes us months. Sometimes it takes us years
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Thank you for your response, and I'm glad you were able to understand it. There was a portion of your response I was not able to hear. It was like maybe you were maybe going through a space where where the signal was not as great or were far away from your bluetooth. I don't know if you were connected to a device and it was out of range
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Simply thank you for that. I felt like you were speaking directly to me. Just thank you for that. It was beautiful