5 of Wands + Page of wands

It's new beginnings, and it's going to go well with you, but it's important that you do not allow anybody to talk you out of it. Even if you're trying to take on going on a new trip, maybe you're trying to move to a new country, a new state. Look, just do it. The food car is like, be delusional. Be a risk taker. You may not know what it's going to look like

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J Wang
@jsmwang · 0:28
I love this so much. Before you walk into something new, you have to be new. Yeah, that's great. I love this reading. I think it comes at a really good time for me, for, like, a lot of people in my life changes happening, big new ventures and. Yeah, it's good to really focus, and this is a great reminder to focus and trust myself and my path. So Yeah