The Hanged Man (rev) + Knight of Pentacles + 7 Pentacles + Strength

They say slow and steady wins the race, right? So it's like when you take your time to be with that person, get to know them and so forth, it builds strength within your relationship. It builds a strong foundation. Oftentimes when you rush into a relationship, it goes fast, just as fast as it came. If it makes sense, it doesn't last. It's a weak foundation. Now, I heard some people out here in this world, they met John last week

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:25


Hey, London. I just shared this out to a few people in my life. Be. And I said to them, she is speaking to me. I just love how you said it five different ways. But what you said is so moving to me, just to back up around the mention of give a receiver
Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:59
That balance, and especially in relationships, is so important to be aware of. But I have over the years, been practicing the receiving. Yes. The receiving energy and not forcing so much because anytime I really am starting to force my way into something, it never really goes the way that I'm expecting that I want. But when I can really take the message from the hangman, it's always a good reminder. Thank you for this read
Shelley Levy
@Shelleytheartis · 0:50
And you are so right that jumping in and rushing in, it's like a puff of air in the end. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. And I will continue to listen to you. Thanks, Landon. Have a wonderful evening. Bye
London Reads
@Londonreads · 1:25
I mean, seriously, it's a blessing to just know how to read cards and help people in their lives, whether it's their love, career, or their friends, family. It's just I don't want to say we're saving. Well, yeah, I guess you could say, like, we're saving some people from getting into tough situations. Some of us, we will do readings, and then we'll have people think, like, you know what?
Zara Lisbon
@ZLisbon · 4:54
And I was thinking like, she knew it herself, but she was like, no one's going to publish my book of poetry because I haven't been published. My poetry hasn't been published in any journals. My poetry hasn't been published online. I haven't written for online publications. I haven't published anything even on the small level. And that's when I really, for the first time in a while, considered my foundation of my career. The exact same thing