How do you book? You go to my website. Excuse me? Londonreads. L-O-N-D-O-N. Reeaads it's right in my bio and you just do your booking from there. I hope to talk to you guys soon. Have a good evening. Bye

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We're just hanging on to things that we think that we can fix or change or do ourselves, and that's not the case. We've come to a point right now where it's like, we really can't move forward by ourselves. Like, we have to wait for others. We have to wait for parts of ourselves to heal so that we can move forward in a holistic fashion. So thank you again
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And I feel like it's more so swell. I don't know why, but it feels like it's more so this app right here. And I'm so glad that I got on because I was hesitant, but I'm so glad I listened, you know? So it's beautiful. It really, really is so great and encouraging to hear people voice and say how much my message met to them and how much it changed their mind and how much they applied it to their life
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There's a lot of voices on Swell about perspective shifting, which I think is really sort of zeitgeisty. So I encourage you to be a part of those conversations, too, because they are helpful to bring in voices, other people and be a part of that world. And these conversations are truly what distinguishes Swell from other places, I think as we get to talk to each other and different topics, I'm simultaneously, which is really fun

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I think Swell has the potential for us to start sounding and becoming better among each other. Like being nicer, sharing love through audible messages, acts of reassurement, affirmation or words of encouragement. So don't feel that you're failing or you're not doing enough because people aren't like wow and hitting you up all the time and all that. When we really come down to like this cosmic work of really trying to increase humanity, we find that it's not what media has portrayed
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I can imagine that it could be a lot when you're doing reading, score like 100 people, like 1000 people coming in the room. Because I see readers do that on Facebook live. Instagram Live. Excuse me. Anyway, clubhouse. So it's like, am I ready to even perhaps I'm not ready to do so it's something that I have to think about. It really is something I have to think about