Letting Go Pushes You Towards Beautiful Life Changes

You may experience, like, insomnia, you may experience some heaviness in your life, like an energy of heaviness, energy of uneasiness is because that relationship you're in, friendship, relationship, at the job you're in, it's expired. You were supposed to let that go six months, two months ago, but you're still dealing with it. So when you're dealing with something that you're supposed to put down, let go of, you're going to feel a sense of uneasiness

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London Reads
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Nine + Nine + Nine

Hello. Okay, I am back. So what I wanted to do is attach another message to the reading that I just gave to you guys. What I've noticed is the many nines in this reading, it's only three, but it was so instinct. Like nine of wands came together with the nine of swords and then the nine of cups. So I was like, let me look that up. I'm starting to attach the meaning of numbers to my readings
Healthy rising. Healthy rising. Listen, this is this is funny that my message was basically coinciding with your reading today. And the thing about it is that I am a spiritualist, hardcore read. Tarot oracle, pendulum runes, coffee leave. I'm also wicker. That's why it's doctor. Drwitchbleu. And it's funny that when I first got on Swell, you actually invited me to your reading. And I went to it today, just today
Jack .
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I have a relationship that I'm kind of reflecting on in that sense as it's transitioning and then also just work shift as well. So thank you so much. And I definitely learnt around reading of the Nine and just the cards in general. I really like hard reading and card reading. I'm fairly new to it in the sense that I've been aware of it and played around with it for many years but never diving deep. So thank you again
Adam E.L. Anthony
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Hello, london reads. You definitely read. You read that. But I wanted to say thank you because I think it's really beautiful how to connect with different aspects of spirituality and thought. And as long as it's moving someone forward, onward and upward, that's a plug for my blog
Zaire Ukuu
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And the thing is one of the as many constants in this world and one of them is change. There's nothing you can do about it. When the situation is altered, most times it cannot reform back into the same form after its alteration. It's a new thing. And with the new thing comes new expiration, new opportunities, new self exploration, all types of things. Everything becomes new and everything is not the same
London Reads
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So fast forward. I'm so glad you Tuned in. I'm so glad this resonated with you and so forth. I dealt With The Same thing, except mine wasn't really a twin flame. It was a narcissist. And that's the reason why I Could speak on These things. We can't really speak and teach our people particular things in our life unless we went through it
London Reads
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Yes, absolutely. Thank you for tuning in as well. But you said just waiting for the human to get out of their own way, and that is so true. It's like God is saying, I did my part. I did my part by warning you about this person, by showing you their red flags and so forth. I did my part by trying to get you fired from this job. I did my part by trying to separate you from this person. And you're still there
London Reads
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Whoo you said, when it's already altered, there's nothing you can do about it. When it's already altered is nothing you can do about it. And when you're trying to do something about it, you're resisting change. And I feel like when you try to alter a relationship or a situation, that's the job. It gets worse. It's like I mentioned in the reading situation gets worse. It doesn't get any better. It doesn't improve
Darrisha Daniel
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#Blessings 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✨

That was really insightful to hear about the meaning of the number nine and just the completion of a long journey, it kind of seems like forever when you're in it. But there is an end. So thank you. Beautiful message, like always. Bye
Cassidy Waterson
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But anyways, thank you so much for this and all the information you gave on the number nine, because I love ancient numbers, and I definitely think that was a little sign through the reading