4 of Cups + Knight of Wands

Hello, thank you for tuning in to London Reeves. We have our Four of Cups and our Night of Wands. So these two cars right here, boy, do I have a missed message for you guys. You have to be be careful about ignoring neglecting the very thing that God presents to you just because it's not wrapped the way you thought it would be. Very often we pray for something like a job opportunity of some sort

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@Londonreads "letting go of unrealistic expectations." 🙏🏽❤️🤔💭💯

There needs to be a relational harmony that takes place and we're still working through that because it's like we see things and we then want to build those things wands we want to create those things, we want to see them in the world, but then at the same time, we have to try to let go of what we've concretely imagined and be open to. Maybe it just will look different or be different, but it's still more or less the same thing