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Everyone’s an Expert

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You, everyone's an expert. So much advice on how I should love, on how you should be, on what we need, on the single best path. I was once the savior at the strip mall. I was a disciple in the auditorium. I have been the preacher and the preached. I have been follower and followed. When I reached my deathbed, I looked up at the coffin lid, and it read everyone gets to decide for themselves. And everyone must

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Creative Reader
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And I don't know what the answer is. I don't know the right path or necessarily even the right questions. But I do know that our our values seem to be founded only on conformity. It's it's pretty obvious. So I'm I'm glad that you that you're fighting for choice and for individuality. So thank you. Bye
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Hello. Everybody has a pulpit. You're so right. And, you know, I've experienced all sides of this and just come to a conclusion that no one can tell anyone else what's best for them. You. And if that person doesn't know, that's the journey. That's the whole journey. But, yeah. Thank you so much for your always insightful responses
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