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Laura L (she/her)
@Loloflow · 0:39

Why, Oh, You

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Y ou I met some makers we all takers had a ride in another life together puzzled kept each other bound discovery malleable wax can be melted down molded into something new mirage massaged by I release I think I forgive and I love you

#poem #poetry #poet #poetrymonth #eclipse #massagetherapy #scorpiomooneclipse #hooponoopono

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Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 0:09


I enjoyed this one. Y ou, I like that
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Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 0:16


Oh. How do you do that? The wax. The wax did it. Everything's gone beyond that point. Oh, no, it's not. Good Lord. Okay. You feel me?
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