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Prayer 3

Glory be to your Holy, righteous name, for you are worthy of all praise. I come before your Father, covered in the blood of Jesus. I come humbly and boldly before your throne. According to your word. O God, you've declared that if we knock, the door shall open. If we seek, we shall find glory. Hallelujah, you said, oh, God, we have faith as a mustache. We can say to the mountain move and the mountain shall move

Chatting with my Father

Taylor J
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I did not grow up in Church, but a lot of what you you said were things that I think a lot of people really need to hear right now, and whether you go to Church or temple or what have you I think that all of us sort of need that little boost of confidence evidence right now and to be reminded that we have people looking out for us. And so I just wanted to say thanks because I felt what you were trying to convey it's