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Ruth Steinberg
@LittleSaplings · 0:21

Gardening Educator with families and children / edible garden designer

Hi, everybody. My name is Ruth, and my company is Little Saplings Children's gardening, family gardening, chef, gardening. Any type of gardening? We are about to have a lot of fun by the looks of things on this new app. So hope to connect with some of you soon. Bye

Little Saplings children’s gardening

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:39

Thank you so much for your wisdom. Can’t wait #gardening #gardens #children

I think gardening is so important right now for the entire family. Something about this pandemic has caused us all to get down on the Earth and need to feel something that's deeper and stronger and older and more powerful than what's is going on above us right now. So I welcome you here. And I cannot wait to learn more about how to be more efficient. And you've come to my garden before. You're amazing, you're soulful, you're gentle, you're patient
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:12 ;)

Okay. One more thing about you, Ruth, is that you have a great website and I want to share it. That's one thing about Swell we can do is we can share URLs right in our descriptions. I'm going to do it right now
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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:20

#summer #gardening

Hey, Ruth, I'm looking forward to your swell cast. I just followed it. I'm very passionate about gardening. And then I have a daughter who loves to garden with me. So looking forward to what activities you have in store for us this summer. Because we are without camps. We are without any activities. So we're really looking forward to this. Thank you. Bye
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Holly Rothschild
@Dance · 0:23
Are you gardening up some sourdough bread as well? Or do you have recommendations for shady spots? I'm not having very much luck with my because my garden shady. But I also not having very much luck with my sourdough
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Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 0:22


Hey, Ruth, I'm so excited to hear what you have to share. I did not grow up around gardeners or gardening, and it's been something that I've always dreamed to eventually have the space to do and learn more about. So I'm really hoping that I can begin to learn a bit more from your soul cast
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Caron Post
@cpost17 · 0:34
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