Liora H
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ghost stories!

If anyone else has any ghost stories, feel free to share them here, whether they're something you actually experienced or fictional, both kinds of stories are welcome. And thanks for listening

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Megan Rollo
@MomofScorpios · 4:59

The Merchant Hotel

Her face is blurred. The story that I heard was at a staff Christmas party in the 1980s. They had a photographer going around, and he took a woman's picture, and I saw her picture what she really looks like and how she came out on film, not the same. So that's my favorite piece of evidence that initially got me interested in this house. I was like, wow, I'm never staying there
Megan Rollo
@MomofScorpios · 2:39

Pt 2: Algiz

And I was just I felt this is my interpretation because I do a lot of how it feels. Oh, I had a dream where I was kissed, and I woke up. No one was kissing me. So I woke up feeling like someone kissed me on the forehead. And then I had this when I'm interpreting as a protection Mark. And that is my story, my very true story from last September number. And a little bit
Liora H
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So that's interesting because in the story you just told, there was another ghost that was particularly unfriendly toward men, so I don't know what that's about, but I only bring it up because of the scratching that is present in your story and the actresses story. So it's interesting because in your case, it was definitely I think you're right
Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 1:23
And I was like, what the h*** just happened? Like it felt like he had just hugged me or something. And it was just as soon as I'd thought of him, I don't know if it was necessarily his ghost or his essence or what it was. But ever since then, I will forever remember that moment. It was very wholesome for me, regardless of whether people think it was his ghost or whatever. It was a very positive experience for me
Liora H
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Oh, thank you for sharing that, Izzy. I love that happened. I have heard a lot of stories about loved ones who have passed being present for people, bringing them comfort. And I actually recently saw a psychic. And the way it worked is people would appear to her spirit, whatever you want to call them. And then she'd convey their messages to me because this was over the phone. And one of the things that happened during that session was my brother came through